Sean Gordon - Gidgee Group, Managing Director

A Wangkumarra man, Sean is a strong advocate for empowerment and self-determination for Indigenous communities, with a focus on social, cultural and economic equity.
After applying his trade and honing his skills for nine years as the Chief Executive Officer with Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council on the NSW Central Coast, Sean has established his own company.

My goal is to improve the plight of Indigenous Australians in the areas of social and economic development by building the capability and capacity of individuals, organisations and communities.

Sean is deeply connected to community and has served on numerous Boards and Advisory Groups. Sean was instrumental in the establishment of the Empowered Communities, Empowered Peoples initiative and served as the inaugural Chairperson of the Empowered Communities, Empowered People Leadership Group, facilitating sustainable structural reform through strategic partnerships between Indigenous leaders, governments and industry.

He is also passionate about preserving and developing Indigenous culture as Director and Chairperson of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Academy, an organisation that has been delivering quality education programs for more than 40 years.

Sean delivers transformational impact within the communities he works with and drives policy change at a national level. Sean is the Chair of Uphold and Recognise, an Indigenous-led organisation which promotes discussion on how Australia can recognise Indigenous Australians without disturbing the way that the constitution operates.